Episode 2: “Showdown! Pokemon Center” (Pokemon Emergency!)

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Opinion: This episode didn’t have any cuts in it 😀 The background music kept falling out of sync but the actual video footage stayed in tact. There weren’t as many alterations but boy was this episode just littered with stupid dialogue changes. A very important episode and overall done very well.

Alteration: Once again the opening theme is changed.

Cut: Japanese opening theme is longer than the dub’s.

Note: Unlike last episode, both episodes’ brightness went down during bright scenes. Hmm…..

Alteration: Instead of using just regular text for the episode title, 4kids felt the need to use the rather large Pokemon logo.

Alteration: This episode was titled Pokemon Emergency. The original was Showdown! Pokemon Center.

Alteration: Nyarth becomes Meowth. This is actually an accurate translation. In Japanese, cats say nyaa so nyarth is just what cats say plus th. Here in America, cats say meow so meowth is just what cats say plus th. So it’s accurate. Good job 4kids.

Dialogue: In the dub, Professor Oak made a bet with Gary about how Ash wouldn’t have caught a single Pokemon by the time he reaches Viridian City. He bets one-million bucks. A lot of “funny” lines later, and this little bit is over. This little “comedic moment” does not take place in any way, shape, or form in the original.

Dialogue: In the original, Professor Orchid is making ramen and he gets off the screen because he forgot he was cooking. He then can’t figure out how to turn off the monitor. In the dub, Professor Oak ordered a pizza (cause ramen = death) and then goes off screen to just ramble on and on about the different toppings on his pizza with the monitor suddenly turning off on it’s on. (I think the ghost of the ramen is pissed that he chose pizza over noodles so they turned off his screen for him so that us viewers in America won’t see the murder of Oak by ramen. But again, that’s just my theory.)

Alteration: The commercial break bit was changed again.

Note: Team Rocket is Team Rocket in both versions.

Alteration: Ekans becomes Arbo, which is really close to Arbok which is the evolved form of Ekans. Does that mean that Arbok in Japanese is Ekan?

Alteration: Dogas becomes Koffing. Eh.

Alteration: Half of Team Rocket’s speech stays in tact but the rest of it is mumbled around to make it rhyme and sound pretty.

Alteration: Musashi becomes Jesse. I think that they just threw names in a hat and picked out one.

Alteration: Kojiro becomes James. *read theory previously stated on the name change*

Dialogue: In the original, when we first see the team of Pikachu used as a back-up electrical unit, they are referred to as a power generator. However in the dub, they felt that “generator” was too big of a word for us young’uns, so they decided to “cutify” with the term…..(dear god why) PikaPower (dies slowly and painfully).

Alteration: Nibi City becomes Pewter City. I actually prefer the name Pewter to Nibi. Nibi sounds dumb. Bonus points for Pewter on this change 🙂

Alteration: Kasumi’s name is revealed in this episode. Kasumi = Misty. I think (keyword=think) that Kasumi means something to do with mist since Musashi makes a pun on the word mist a few seconds after Kasumi’s name is revelead. This is just an educated guess though.

Alteration: Tosakinto is changed to Goldeen. o_o

Alteration: Throughout most of the episode the darkness levels stay consistent. However, at the end when Pikachu shocks Team Rocket the screen is darkened during the thunder attack.

Dialogue: The final stupid dialogue moment of the episode! Officer Jenny (unnamed in the original, unless I missed it) pulls up to the station. In the original, she asks herself what happened. In the dub, she says, “I’m too late, but not for the fireworks.” …………………………………… no. Just no. Shoot me now. /is shot

Alteration: Tokiwa Forest is changed to Viridian Forest. Saw that one coming.

Note: Caterpie is Caterpie in both versions.

Note: Last episode, the “TO BE CONTINUED” changed color. This episode, they stayed the same. Hmph. Beats me.

Alteration: The ending is changed.

Cut: The ending is cut by 18 seconds.

Cut: The preview for next episode cut.

Total Retained: 86.5%


Episode 1: “Pokemon! I Choose You” (“Pokemon! I Choose You”)

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Opinion: This episode was handled very well in my opinion. The script stayed almost completely in tact (some lines were even dead on). The name changes were fine and there were maybe about 3 seconds of the actual episode that were cut. A great job for the first episode.

Alteration: The opening theme was changed for the English version. The animation uses some clips from the Japanese opening, but other clips are taken from various episodes. The lyrics are changed completely, but the gist of the original song is still there. Also, in the Japanese version Satoshi’s voice actress sings the opening but I don’t believe this is true for the English version.

Cut: The English opening theme is about 24 seconds shorter than the Japanese opening.

Alteration: Satoshi’s name is changed to Ash Ketchum. The only reasoning I can find for the name change is so that the name isn’t so foreign.

Alteration: Professor Orchid’s name is changed to Professor Oak. I see absolutely no reasoning behind this. Orchid is already an English word. Why bother changing it? It only creates script-mouth timing issues later on.

Alteration: Masara Town is changed to Pallet Town.

Alteration: Fushigidane is changed to Bulbasaur.

Alteration: Hitogame is changed to Charmander.

Alteration: Zenigame is changed to Squirtle.

Note: The Japanese episode title and English episode title remain the same in both version.

Alteration: Shigeru is changed to Gary Oakes.

Alteration: Originally, when Professor Orchid was showing Satoshi the available Pokemon he had left, the Monster Balls had the Pokemon’s names written on the ball in Japanese. In the dub, these Japanese characters (of death!!!) were completely removed.

Cut: A small cut was made somewhere during the scene previously stated. I estimate the cut was about 1 second in length.

Note: Pikachu retains it’s name in both versions.

Alteration: During the scene where Pikachu shocks Professor Orchid and Satoshi the scene is noticeably brighter in the Japanese version. The brightness was significantly darkened in the English dub.

Dialogue: The first case of corny dialogue in the English dub! After Pikachu finishes shocking Professor Oak and Ash for the first time, Professor Oak is prompted to say, “Shocking, isn’t it?”. ………………………………………………………………. /dies

Alteration: When Satoshi goes outisde to find a crowd of people cheering him on, the sign they are holding is originally in Japanese. This sign was edited over in English for the dub viewers since they can’t read those “weird-looking shapes”.

Alteration: Monster Balls is changed to PokeBalls. Cute, right?

Cut: The scene of Pikachu shocking the crowd is cut short by about 2 seconds.

Alteration: The scene previously stated is also darkened in the dub.

Alteration: Pokemon Guide becomes PokeDex. Adorable, right?

Alteration: Poppo becomes Pidgey. Eh. It could be worse.

Alteration: The little commercial break thing halfway through the episode is drastically changed. It has the same Pokemon featured on it, but in the Japanese version it is a dull green screen with no flashing movement at all. In the English version, we see a bright red flashing animated screen with a big Pikachu on it.

Alteration: Poppo’s attack Wind Stir is changed to Gust.

Alteration: Koratta becomes Rattata. Close enough.

Alteration: Onisuzume becomes Spearow. I see why they changed the original name, but why Spearow?

Alteration: When we see Onisuzume attacking Pikachu in the tree from his point of view, in the English dub there is more of the plain white screen at the beginning and ending of the scene. However, there is no time lost during this change.

Alteration: Again, when Pikachu uses its shock the screen is darkened in the dub.

Alteration: When Ash first meets Misty (un-named in the original) on the shore of the lake, there is a scene in the original where she slaps Satoshi. We see a big red mark across his face. This was deemed too violent for America so instead they use a still of Ash staring at Misty. No time is lost. However, we still here the slap sound effect (since I believe the background music and sound effect soundtrack was kept in tact) and the next scene we see Misty holding up her hand as if she had just slapped Ash.

Alteration: Tokiwa City is changed to Viridian City. I don’t believe the city is named in the dub however.

Alteration:When Pikachu uses its thunder to attack all the Spearow, the brightness is once again darkened.

Alteration: At the very end of the episode when the picture goes into the corner and it says “TO BE CONTINUED”, the font color is changed from yellow (original) to green (dub). The only thing I don’t like about this is that even in the Japanese version it is written in English. So why bother changing it?

Alteration: The ending theme is COMPLETELY different. In the dub, we see a repeat of the English animation. Same song and everything. In the original, we see a cute animation of a Pikachu playing with a Monster Ball while an old man and a group of children sing a song about catching all 150 Pokemon. None of this ending animation is retained.

Cut: 18 seconds of the ending theme is lost in the dub.

Cut: 30 seconds is lost at the very end of the dub. In the original, we get to see a nice little preview of what is going to happen in the next episode. Unfortunately, us in America don’t seem to deserve this kind treatment.